File Naming Do’s and Don’ts

Having a well organised, consistent and descriptive file naming system will make it much easier to track and find files.


  • Use unique names
  • Name the file so that it is indicative of the content
  • Use a naming system that enables files to be stored in chronological order (e.g. starting with YY MM DD or  SURNAME_INITIALS)
  • Use _underscore to separate elements of the file name and use –hyphen or capitalisation to delimit words within an element (e.g. BusinessPlan_2017-02-15.docx, Blogg-Joe-ESSAY_2017-02-15.pdf )
  • Use appropriate abbreviations (e.g. V for version)


  •  Do not make the file name too long
  • Do not use spaces
  • Do not use characters such as: ! # $ % & ‘ @ ^ `  ~ + , . ; = ) (