How to Create a Digital / Electronic Signature?

There are a few ways to go about creating a digital / e-signature that can be inserted into WORD or PDF.

Using a Scanner and WORD

  1. Sign your signature on a piece of white paper using a clear black liquid pen.
  2. Scan the paper with your signature and save it on your computer (.jpg or .png or .gif)
  3. Open WORD document
  4. Go to Insert > Picture from file
  5. Under Picture Format > click Crop tool to crop the image
  6. Right click on mouse / trackpad or ctrl-click (on Mac) and click Save as Picture
  7. To add the digital signature to your WORD document, click Insert > Picture from file

Using Paint tool (for PC)

  1. Open Paint
  2. Click the Pencil tool
  3. Use the Pencil tool to sign your signature on the page (you can use the mouse / trackpad / digital pen)
  4. Use the Crop tool to crop your signature
  5. When you are finished, save your signature as .jpg or .png or .gif
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Using Photoshop (Without scanner)

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Open a new Document, File > New
  3. Set Document to 600 X 300 pixel
  4. Click the Pencil tool and sign your signature on the document (you can adjust the diameter of your pencil tool)
  5. Use the Crop tool to crop your signature
  6. Save the signature you have created as .jpg or .png so you can insert in your WORD or PDF

Using Photoshop (With a scanned signature)

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